Lucienne was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 1984 while studying modern dance in her native Amsterdam.  She moved to NYC and completed the teacher training in 2006. Lucienne is certified at the Intermediate Senior I level and joined the faculty of The Iyengar Yoga Institute of NYC in 2010. 

She owns Studio Spine ( where she practices Hellerwork.

Currently she is enjoying a variety of exchange with the greater international yoga community.  She teaches workshops in Italy, Holland, Scotland, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Costa Rica as well as in NYC and its environs.   

Lucienne has an avid interest in the body and how it functions – as a tool for artistic expression in dance, as a tool for healing through bodywork, and as a tool to sharpen the mind as a yoga practitioner.  “By exploring and defining the outer form, we find the layered composition of the form which gradually transforms our inner perceptions and ultimately ourselves.”

She is forever indebted to Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar and the generosity of her many teachers.

About Lucienne Vidah

Intermediate Senior I


Jim Catapano (Yogacity/Yoga Sleuth) visited Studio Spine for an Iyengar Yoga class. Link to article Learn the Ways of Iyengar at Studio Spine

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“Lucienne is encouraging and funny, but also direct and strict, as an Iyengar practitioner should be; if you are not properly aligned, she will call you by name and tell you . . .  if you want to know what Iyengar is all about, the wonderful Lucienne Vidah is a great teacher to start with.”

Link to article “Om Sweet Om” by Blair Sabol at New York Social Diary

Lucienne contributed an article to Yogapedia: How to move from Marichyasana I to Akarna Dhanurassana I,  and an article on yoga philosophy. August 2018.

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“The greatest gift you could give yourself is yoga with Lucienne. I know. I have been working with her for twenty years and she has changed my life.”        Mark Epstein MD, NYC

 “I cannot recommend Lucienne and Studio Spine highly enough.   She is an amazing teacher and makes me delve deep into my yoga practice.  Her bodywork is transformative.  When I go to Studio Spine I leave inspired.”                                              Sarah Paley, NYC

“I don’t actually believe in healers but Lucienne changed my mind.   Working with her has helped me better understand my body and has served me well in all aspects of my life.”

                                                                                 Sara Goodman, NYC